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Hi Velocity Systems

Owners of older homes, might have resigned themselves to living without the comforts of central air conditioning. A new technology called high-velocity air conditioning can be added to almost any home – even those without existing ductwork.

Also known as “mini-duct” systems, high-velocity air conditioning uses a typical outdoor compressor to cool the air, combined with a high-pressure blower (usually mounted in the attic).

But instead of bulky metal ductwork, this technology uses flexible tubing only two inches in diameter. The insulated tubes can be threaded behind walls or inside closets without damaging sheetrock or plaster.

And instead of large metal registers, you’ll have a two-inch vent in the ceiling on high on a wall that’s nearly invisible when painted. The system is much quieter than air conditioning through traditional metal ductwork.

A mini-duct system also dehumidifies the air more effectively. The high pressure blower compresses the air and allows it to be in contact with the cooling coils longer – which reduces the temperature and removes more humidity.


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